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Why Tutoring Works

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Before we take a look into why tutoring works, let's look at some of the reasons tutoring is needed in the first place. In California, teacher cut-backs and increasing class sizes make it difficult for your child to get individualized attention. From dealing with peer pressure and bullying, to juggling packed schedules, kids today have more on their plates than ever before. While the advancement of technology helps us to improve our daily lives, it also creates many distractions for our young people. Computers have become an integral part of learning. While most kids now use a computer to do their homework, that same computer gives them access to chat rooms, instant messenger, games, and many more possibilities for fun! At the same time, college admissions are becoming more and more competitive, meaning your child may have to join several extra- curricular activities in addition to keeping up his or her grades. Add to this the fact that many kids now live in homes where both parents need to work, and you can see why kids todaWhy Tutoring Worksy have to try harder to excel than previous generations.  
So, here’s the bottom line: if your child is struggling, it is not his or her fault! When adults begin to learn a new job or career, they usually receive support, often in the form of one-on-one training and mentoring from someone more experienced in the field. Why wouldn't we give our kids the same one-on-one support? In most cases, tutoring is not meant to replace classroom instruction, just as on-the-job training is not meant to replace the education you needed to get the job in the first place! Tutoring has become a successful industry because tutors meet a need.  You would not build a house without a foundation, right? Well, in regards to your child’s education, the classroom is the framework around which his or her education is built. Why isn't this foundation enough? Well, would you live in a house that had a good structure, but nothing else? Come winter, you’d probably wish every last crack was insulated and sealed! A good tutor can “fill in the cracks” in your child’s education. Here are some of the key reasons why tutoring works:

Tutoring provides personalized, one-on-one attention. Let’s face it – the vast majority of teachers are in the field of education because they have a passion for helping students learn. But just as a home contractor can’t build a house with plywood alone, teachers are limited by time and resources in regards to the individualized attention they can give each student. Teachers must balance answering individual questions with the needs of the group as a whole. As a result, your student might not have as much time for discussion as would be preferred. With one-on-one tutoring, the tutor is dedicated 100% to your child’s specific needs. Tutors are able to tailor sessions to best be able to help your student with his or her individual challenges. Your child’s tutor can also help to build on your student’s strengths. When students are struggling, we often hear “I just don’t get it.” However, all students possess areas in which they excel.  A tutor can “hone in” on those areas as a starting point to expand the student’s knowledge. Also, when a student works one-on-one with a tutor, the student builds a relationship of trust with that person, opening the path for learning to take place.

Tutoring gives the child a chance to ask questions.  As discussed earlier, time for asking questions in class can be limited. It can be intimidating for some children to raise their hand. Many students feel that “everyone else is getting it,” and worry that their question will come across as “dumb.” Nothing could be farther from the truth! Usually when a student asks a question, his or her classmates were wondering the same thing, but were afraid to ask. Nonetheless, the reluctance to be the one to ask has persisted for as long as classrooms have been in existence. Tutoring provides a unique opportunity for your student to ask any and all of his or questions without the stigma he or she may feel in the classroom. In many cases, the answers the child’s tutor gives may be like the missing piece in a puzzle – all that is needed to paint a clear picture! Tutoring is not meant to be only a question/answer session. However, any help we can give in leading your child to the correct answers or solutions will increase knowledge, boost self-esteem and improve performance in school!

Tutoring creates extra study time (focused and on-task). Another reason tutoring works is that it gives the student a set day or days each week to dedicate extra time to his or her schoolwork. As we mentioned earlier, homework time can often turn into fun time. But when students know they have a planned tutoring session, they are more likely to be prepared. This means they make good use of not only their time with their tutor, but will spend additional time making sure they are ready to meet with this person. Sure, this doesn't always happen, but encouragement from the child’s tutor can increase the likelihood that study time will be used for just that – studying!

Tutoring builds study skills
. Like we said before, all students have strengths to build on. Each child is intelligent in his or her own way. People have an innate desire to learn, and your child is no different. Sometimes that desire to learn is stifled by difficulty understanding how to learn. Is your child an auditory or visual learner? Does he or she work best with practice and repetition, or does your student benefit from a more hands-on, creative approach? A tutor can help your child discover how he or she learns best. Also, since every student learns differently, many benefit by having the material approached in a new way.

Tutoring provides opportunities for advancement. Some students feel they are doing well in their classes, yet they want a competitive edge. A tutor can help with this, too! Like most of us, sometimes students don’t know what they don’t know! A tutor can help make sure the child is really grasping the material — not just getting by because they are doing the work.  By using techniques such as comprehension checking, tutors can identify any areas that may need improvement, now or in the future. Classes build on themselves, and get progressively more difficult. Building a relationship with a good tutor can help with today’s challenges, but can also prepare your child for tomorrow.

So, there you have it: a few of the key reasons why tutoring works. Basically, it boils down to this: Education is an investment. It is an investment in your child’s future. You may be done with school, but here’s one more equation for you: a student who wants to learn + a caring, dedicated tutor = Success!

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