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At Inspire In-Home Tutoring, we know finding a good in-home tutor is important to you or your child's success.

That's why we thought you'd like to read some testimonials from clients who have already used our tutoring services in Southern California!  Here's what Inspire clients are saying about our in-home tutoring services.

“I wanted to send you a quick update regarding my daughter, and the significant progress her tutor has helped her accomplish.  He has the ability to bring clarity and understanding to frustrating concepts in Chemistry and Math. The tutor creates a respectful and lighthearted learning environment that my daughter thrives in. While her academic grade is a measurable outcome of the success of their academic relationship, her self confidence in Math and Chemistry has reached epic proportion.  I am grateful that this tutor has come into our lives and that you have a gift for identifying true educators that bring learning to life.”Tutoring Testimonials

— Dr. Driscoll, Huntington Beach
(Last name used with client permission)


"I wanted to let you know what a wonderful tutor she is. Patient, always well-prepared, reliable and a most pleasant person!  I am learning a lot from her... Working with Inspire In-Home Tutoring has been a wonderfully positive experience!"

— Rae L., Burbank


“Thank you for finding my daughter such a wonderful tutor. She has been very professional, and my daughter has enjoyed working with her.”

— Faye S., Monrovia


"(The tutor) was fabulous and on time!  I learned more in that hour and a half than I learned in three years of Math. Can't wait to learn more."

— Britney D., Temecula


"I wanted to say thank you for your services.  (The tutor) was great with (my daughter) and helped her a lot.  Thanks again!"

— Tracey A., Tujunga


My son is doing much better in Trig, thanks to (the tutor's) tutoring - he was the perfect match for my son, and its fun to see how similar in nature they are.

— Kristel J., Yucaipa


“Just wanted to email and thank you for connecting us with our tutor! She really is an amazing teacher and tutor. She is always willing to make an extra special effort for my son. Thankfully this progress report he improved his science grade to an A and his math grade to an A-. I am so grateful for our tutor and your service. Couldn't be happier!”

— Daphne W., Rancho Cucamonga

I don't know how I would have done it without Inspiring In Home Tutoring. I was a single mother attending graduate school. In addition, the public school system wasn't working out very well for my teenage daughter. Therefore, I placed her in a Independent Home School Study Program. It was struggle for me. I did not have the time to assist my daughter with her school studies, complete my own graduate studies and attend to my day-to -day responsibilities. My daughter was struggling as well. I called various tutoring programs, and none of them were able to provide the assistance that my daughter and I required. I needed a tutoring program that would cater to my level of higher education. It was imperative that the tutors were capable of assisting my daughter at her high school grade level in a variety of school subjects. Another important factor in selecting a tutoringservice for my daughter and I was that the tutors would be able to offer their services at my home and school according to our schedules. Last but not least, I knew the tutoringservices were going to be on-going, possibly a year or two. I knew that as a single mother and a starving student with a teenager in her senior year, it was going to be very expensive for the type of services we needed. I MUST say, Inspiring In Home Tutoring Service was the best place I could have ever called for tutoring assistance. Not only were they affordable, but consistent and dedicated to their company's mission. My daughter graduated from high school in her appropriate year without falling behind and I graduated ahead of time, all with the assistance of Inspiring In Home Tutoring. I would recommend their service to anyone seeking a great and affordable tutoring service. They are amazing!

— Arlice C., Los Angeles


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“Thank you for finding
my daughter such a
wonderful tutor. She has
been very professional,
and my daughter has
enjoyed working with

— Faye S., Monrovia



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