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School can be tough, and we are here to help you through it. Some kids and teens come to us because they have benefited from tutoring in the past and are ready to get started with tutoring again. So, if you're already a pro at this, you know what to expect. If you have never had a tutor before, you might have some questions. In fact, you might have even heard some "tutoring myths," and possibly be reluctant to have a tutor. If you, (or, you know, a good friend of yours), has heard these myths about tutoring, you will probably be glad you have the real info.

Myth #1: Tutoring will take a lot of my time. I do have a social life, you know!Tutoring Myths

Fact: Spending time with your tutor can actually save you time, so you can get on with doing what you do best (whatever that may be.) Sure, you will need to set aside time for tutoring. But think of all the time you will not have to spend trying to figure things out on your own!

Myth #2: Tutoring is only necessary if you are getting an "F."

Fact: Sure, there have been many students who have gone from not passing a class to passing, with the help of a tutor. If you currently aren't getting the grade you wish you were, don't give up! It is not too late and you can turn things around. Even if you are getting a grade you are happy with, you may benefit from working with a tutor. Maybe you want to bring that C to a B or an A. Or maybe you are getting good grades but you see that there are new things on the horizon that look a little complicated. Either way, a tutor can help you by pinpointing the areas you need to work on.

Myth #3: "Smart" kids don't need tutoring.

Fact: This is absolutely, positively, 100% false! Some of the best students we know request tutors, because they know tutoring is a resource that can help them get ahead. The fact is, smart kids and teens take advantage of the opportunity to work with a tutor, so they can get a handle on everything they are learning in class, and sometimes learn something new as well!

Myth #4: Everyone else "gets it."

Fact: Again, not true. Let's be honest here. Tutoring is pretty popular these days. You are definitely not the only one in the world who needs a tutor. You are not the first, and you won't be the last. We are here for a reason: to help students learn the material, get better grades, and succeed in school!

Myth #5: If anyone found out I was being tutored, my reputation would be ruined!

Fact: Oh, please. At Inspire In-Home Tutoring, your secret is safe with us. You don't have to tell anyone you have a tutor if you don't want to. But if having a tutor is helping you, wouldn't you want to share what you have learned about tutoring with your friends? Let them know how tutoring has made a difference in your life. You might be surprised to learn that your friends also have private tutors, or that they were wanting to get one but did not know how. (Their parents would need to call us, since they are the ones with the cash.)

Myth #7: If I wait until the end of the school year, I will need less tutoring.
How smart am I?

Fact: Well, you are pretty smart. We already covered that. Okay, so someone may have told you to hold off on getting a tutor until the class is almost over. In fact, we have even seen it happen before. Here's the lowdown: Get a tutor as soon as you feel you need or want one. Working with a tutor will help you figure things out just when they are starting to get difficult. You may actually need less tutoring, because you will stay ahead of the game. If you wait until near the end of the semester, two things will happen. First, you will probably need a lot of tutoring in a short amount of time to try to catch up on what you've missed. When this happens, the student and tutor need to go back to what was covered previously (sometimes way back) and start from there. Secondly, the results will probably not be as good if you wait until the end. After all, the grades you got during the first part of the class will still be there, and will be included in your final grade.

So there you have it. We hope the above "myth busters" showed you why smart kids and teens like yourself can benefit from tutoring. Still not convinced you should give it a try? Here is one more reason: You won't be in school forever. One day you will be an adult. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you were able to "pay it forward," and help another kid by tutoring him or her, just like you were tutored?




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