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No books. No teacher. No classroom.

No education. It's a reality for millions of children.

While educating Southern California's kids, (and a few grown-ups, too) we couldn't help but notice: millions of children world-wide have no access to education. And we wanted to do something about that....
Pencils of Promise
Enter Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise builds schools in the developing world for kids with no access to education. Thanks to Pencils of Promise, more than 600 kids (and counting) with no prior access to education, are thriving in schools created by PoP.

The Inspire Impact

We will donate $1 for every hour of tutoring purchased from Inspire In-Home Tutoring to Pencils of Promise. So when you work with an Inspire tutor, you're not just helping the student in your life; you are improving the lives of students around the world!*

Think a dollar can't make a difference? Think again! Every ten hours of tutoring purchased from Inspire provides an entire month of a child's education. Every time 12 clients purchase ten hours (either prepaid or individually) we send a child to school for a year. Oh, and that dollar? For every paid hour you work with one of our tutors, you provide three days of a child's education.

Please take 99 seconds and watch this great video by Pencils of Promise. If you have the time, explore their site a little. We are excited to be in a position to help Pencils of Promise help educate our world's kids. Thank you for being a part of it!


* We reserve the right to modify or discontinue charitable donations, if necessary.  (But we probably won't!)

What if your child had
no access to education?

Inspire In-Home Tutoring

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— Faye S., Monrovia



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