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Here's where to start.

As an established leader in the tutoring industry, we've been around the block a few times. In fact, if you live in Southern California, we've probably been around your block! If you're in Southern California and need a qualified tutor you can trust, we would love to help you out. However, our site is viewed around the world by people looking for tutors or for information on tutoring. Whether you are in another part of the world, or in our Southern California service area and have just started to research tutoring, finding a good tutor can be a daunting task. While the types of tutoring companies out there vary as greatly as the needs of students, there is no "right" answer when it comes to choosing the best fit for your family. Below we have listed a summary of what we do, as well as a general comparison of some of the different types of tutoring programs available.

Inspire In-Home Tutoring

  • Tutoring takes place in the students' homes.
  • Tutors must pass nationwide criminal background checks.
  • Sessions are tailored to each student's individual needs.
  • One tutor is assigned to each student so that they can build a trusting student/tutor relationship. Consistency is very important for continued progress.
  • Families do not need to arrange transportation, as the tutor will come to their home.
  • Scheduling is arranged between the tutor and the family; Inspire Tutors work with our clients' schedules.
  • Inspire requires no costly assessment or placement tests. Instead, tutors continually assess students' strengths and weaknesses and tailor sessions to each student's individual needs.
  • Rates are set, and are the same for everyone; clients may pay after each session, or prepay to receive a discount.
  • Inspire clients earn free tutoring through our Inspire a Friend Program.
  • If a tutor is not the right fit for your needs, this can easily be changed; our company is here to support you.

Please keep in mind that other in-home tutoring companies may operate differently, but this can give you a good idea of what to expect, and what to look for in a quality tutoring organization. The following examples are for illustration purposes only, and do not reflect any specific organization. Again, the purpose is to give you an overview of what you may want to look for in a tutoring company.

Tutoring Centers

  • Usually located in mini-malls in urban or suburban areas.
  • Students may work with tutors individually or in small groups.
  • Students may be grouped with students of different ages and who are working on different subjects.
  • Students work with the tutor(s) who are on staff that day but they do not necessarily have the same tutor(s) each day.
  • Tutors may be college graduates or college students.
  • Parents arrange transportation for their children to and from the center.
  • Sessions are scheduled during the center's hours of operation.
  • Often require students to undergo testing/assessment, at an additional cost.
  • Sometimes require sessions to be purchased in bulk.
  • May be difficult to change tutors, as students work with the center's available staff.

Online Tutor Databases

  • Individuals interested in working as tutors complete a profile.
  • Tutors may or may not be interviewed by the organization and may or may not work directly for the organization.
  • Qualifications, such as degrees, are represented by the individuals; qualifications may not be discussed or verified with company administrators.
  • Tutors work with clients directly; may have little or no responsibility to the company.
  • Background checks can sometimes be purchased or provided by the tutor or by the website.
  • Rates vary and are often set by the tutor.
  • Changing tutors may be more complicated, as these arrangements are usually made between the family and the tutor.

Online Tutoring

  • Students communicate with their tutor(s) via the internet.
  • Tutors may live in a different geographic area from their students.
  • Scheduling can be flexible.
  • Rates vary.
  • Communication may be hindered by technology; there may be a time delay.
  • Students do not have face-to-face, in person interaction with their tutor. Clients should consider whether or not this fits their needs.

Good luck with your search for a tutor! If you are interested in working with an Inspire Tutor, please contact us!


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