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Giving Back to the World!

In addition to helping Southern California learn, Inspire In-Home Tutoring is happy to be able to support the following organizations, which allow us to "give back" on local, national, and international levels.  We hope you will join us in sharing what you can with these great organizations!*

Kiva - Loans that change lives

By lending as little as $25.00 to a small business in a developing nation, you can help the entrepreneur and his or her family.  Little by little, this helps to improve the world economy.  When your loan is repaid, you can withdraw your funds, or use them to lend to someone else! You can learn more about Kiva on their web site,

  Kiva - loans that change lives

Feed the Children

On every continent of the globe, there are children who do not have enough to eat. Some of them might be living a few miles, or even a few blocks away from you. Others live in societies where war, hunger and disease are prevalent. A monthly or one-time donation of even a few dollars can help provide food, clothing and other necessities to children in need, both at home and abroad.   Please visit the Feed the Children web site if you or your kids are interested in helping to feed a child.

American Red Cross

From Hurricane Katrina to the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and the more recent Tsunami in Japan, the American Red Cross helps individuals in the United States and throughout the world with disaster preparedness and relief, health awareness and education, and much more!

Giving Back

Giving Back


United Nations Foundation
Nothing But Nets Campaign

For the price of a quick lunch, you can save the life of a student living in a part of the world effected by malaria. Just $10 buys a life-saving bed net, which will be sent to a child in need in a malaria-prone area.

With the help of our Inspiring clients, we were able to save lives during the 2010 holiday season, and we have no intention of stopping there!

Please click the button at the left, or here to learn more about this great organization!

Pencils of Promise

61 million children have no access to education. Pencils of Promise is changing that, and we are doing what we can to help. For every hour of tutoring purchased from us, Inspire In-Home Tutoring will donate $1 to Pencils of Promise. Check out our Pencils of Promise Page to learn more!



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