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Our Background

Inspire In-Home Tutoring is a leader Southern California tutoring. We tutor all subjects, for all ages and grade levels. In 2003, Inspire In-Home Tutoring was founded by a dedicated teacher and in-home tutor with a belief in the value of education. For the past several years, we have helped countless students throughout Southern California achieve their academic goals!  

Our Philosophy

Although the classroom can be a wonderful place for learning, there is no substitute for individual attention from a caring, qualified in-home tutor. Teachers would love to have the time and Tutoringresources available to work with each individual child, one-on-one, every day. Due to teacher cut-backs and increasing classroom sizes, this is not always possible. That is where in-home tutoring comes in! At Inspire In-Home Tutoring, we recognize the role that specialized instruction plays in developing a solid educational foundation. That's why we tailor each session to your individual student's needs.

Why Not A "Cookie Cutter" Approach?

After all, who doesn't like cookies?  Snack time aside, every student is different.  So why would we try to mold your student to fit our plan?  We think it should be the other way around!  Some students are auditory learners. Others benefit from a more hands-on approach.  Does your child need help with study skills and organization? We can help with that too!  In many cases, its not so much what the student is learning as it is how the student learns. Having a private in-home tutor can improve grades dramatically.  Your child's tutor can help him or her review for quizzes and tests, make sure homework gets done correctly, and above all, help your child to realize his full potential by really learning the material — not just get by! Working with an in-home tutor can also increase self-esteem and improve study skills.  As children see their grades improve, their self-confidence increases along with their test scores! Read our article on why tutoring works.

Relax -- Help is on the Way!

You guessed it, we come to you! There is no question that in-home tutoring helps students to improve grades, increase self-esteem and most importantly, learn! With Inspire, we combine our philosophy of tailoring your sessions to each student's needs with an environment comfortable and familiar to our students — their own home! In order for a student to learn, he or she has to first be in an environment that allows learning to happen. We feel that a student's home is one of the best places for a student to learn — away from the distractions of a classroom or other group setting. However, students can also be tutored at a local library or another location, if it is requested. Just contact us to receive Southern California tutoring near your home. You might have noticed gas prices lately. Leave the driving to us! With Inspire In-Home Tutoring, you don't pay for parking, and we keep you out of the Southern California traffic!

Tutor Qualifications

Inspire tutors are educators and professionals who love learning and teaching.  Inspire in-home tutors are carefully selected with you, our valued client, in mind.  In addition, we match each student to the tutor we feel is the best fit for the student. All Inspire Tutors have a minimum of a bachelor's degree; many hold teaching credentials and master's or higher-level degrees.  Your Inspire in-home tutor also has teaching and/or tutoring experience! Inspire in-home tutors live and work in all areas of Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego County and the Inland Empire.  Just give us a call to obtain an in-home tutor in your community!

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Inspire In-Home Tutoring

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