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As a parent, you want to see your child succeed. If your child is having a hard time in school, you should know that it's not your child's fault. Yes, kids are kids. They have been known to "forget" their homework. They have even on occasion forgotten that the quiz was.... Today. However, there are many cases where what appears at first to be a lack of effort on the part of the student is really a separate issue that tutoring can help with. People like to do what they feel they are good at. If a child is experiencing anxiety or Tutoringfrustration because of a perceived or real lack of success in a given subject, the natural tendency is to push it aside and move on to something where he or she feels more capable. Children and teens have an innate desire to learn and to succeed, and most will respond positively to an opportunity to do so. There are many causes for kids' difficulty in school. Sometimes students are overwhelmed in class because they feel that "everyone else is getting it." Sometimes children lack the organizational skills needed to stay on top of their schoolwork. A good tutor will help determine the specific needs of your child, and will work with him or her on strengthening the areas where your child may be lacking in skills. Notice we said "skills," and not ability. We believe that with the right support, all children can learn. So the fact that a child has not yet mastered a certain subject does not mean that he can't, it just means he hasn't done so yet. Tutoring for kids comes in many different forms. Some kids benefit from having something explained a different way. Others need the repetition and reassurance a good tutor can provide. Having a private tutor provides your child a safe environment in which to ask questions, without the stigma of having to raise her hand in class. In addition, working with a tutor can save you and your child hours of frustration every week. As your child begins to grasp the material and see an improvement in his grades, his self-esteem will grow. The old feeling of "I can't do this" will be replaced with, "That was a piece of cake. What's next?" While some students are clearly having a hard time in school and may need comprehensive help in one or more subjects, others may just need help in one or two areas. We provide tutoring for kids who need a little help, as well as tutoring for kids who need more assistance. Whatever the case, if you feel that your child may benefit from working with a private tutor, please call us to discuss his or her needs. We specialize in helping kids and teens like yours succeed, and we are ready to help your child have a bright future!


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